A Step-by-Step Guide to Naples Video Production

Need a rundown of exactly what will be taking place in your upcoming adventure with filming video for your business? Naples Video Production has your back. We know that the production process can feel foreign to new clients who haven’t been through the routine before, so we’ve typed up a brief step-by-step of the whole process so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 1. Know Your AMPs

The very core of every video project is a deep understanding of [A]udience, [M]essage, and [P]roduct. These are the bare bones to the project and it’s essential that you have these in order to know exactly what you want the outcome of your video to be. A great suggestion is to write your AMPs down and post it somewhere visible to remind yourself throughout the project what you set out to achieve.

Step 2. Develop Your Script with a Team

Gather some helpful individual together and familiarize them with your AMPs from step one. These team members should remain the same throughout the entire project. Accepting any newcomers into the team halfway through is a big no-no, as outsiders haven’t been there every step of the way and don’t have the same vision in mind. So choose your team wisely and stick to it!

Write your script addressing these questions:

a. Who are you?

b. What’s the customer’s problem?

c. What’s your solution?

d. Are you using testimonials?

e. What is your call to action?

Step 3. Select Your Talent

If you have voice talent or actors in mind to use in your video that’s great! If not, don’t fret. Here at Naples Video Production, we have extensive experience and skill in selecting talent that embodies the correct mood or tone that aligns with your goals.

Step 4. Filming Takes Place

This is the exciting bit! Your work developing your script and picking your talent goes into play and filming begins.

Step 5. First Major Edits Take Place

Our team gets to work editing and cutting all of that footage. When they are done, the video stands at around 80% complete.

Step 6. Your Chance to Give Input

We will show you the current video and together with your team of experts, you will be able to give input to how the project is going so far. Don’t be afraid to suggest edits and cuts! If you have a big team of people with conflicting ideas, appoint a key decision maker to make any final calls.

Step 7. Second Edits Take Place

During this step, your input is considered and more edits take place, leaving your video at around 90% done.

Step 8. Final Input

Here is where you offer up any final suggestions, edits, or general input.

Step 9. Final Video Edits

This step is for any last minute edits or changes that need to be done before completion

Step 10. Done!

It’s over! Your video is complete and handed over to you. Congratulations!