Having trouble figuring out what you’re supposed to do with a video created for your business? We know that it can be hard to figure out which avenues to take and to know which avenues are even effective. Because of this, our team here at Naples Video Production has created a list of just a few ideas for turning your business’s video into new customers and increased conversions.

Landing Page Video

Imagine this. Your customer clicks on your link, advertisement, or search result and lands up on your page. They are presented with a dry wall of text explaining everything you do and have on offer. The next most likely step is that they click off the page. It seems harsh but it’s true. On the other hand, what if they land on your site and an engaging and informational video starts playing? Chances are that they’re going to stick around. Here’s a fact, Eyeview found those chances to be around 80% in a recent study.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a big deal in the marketing world. They are extremely effective and build better relationships with clients. The best types of emails? Those that use videos. Including a video in your email campaign improves your clickthrough rate by 96% according to Implix, and just using the word “video” in a subject line makes people 19% more likely to open the email. People just can’t get enough of it.

Local TV

If you’re looking to increase your exposure in a specific area, say if you’re a small local business, buying some advertising space on a local channel is a great strategy. When people think of marketing, it’s all about the internet, and they often forget how influential things like television still are. With the avalanche of internet advertising, there’s a certain charm to a classic TV advert.

Social Media

We know, we know, posting your video on social media is a little obvious in this day and age but it makes such a big difference that we thought we would mention it anyways. 45% of people watch over an hour of video footage a week just on Facebook and YouTube alone. On Facebook, 500 million people watch videos posted to the platform every single day. Those statistics don’t even include the other social networks like Instagram and Twitter. That’s a lot of exposure that you should be taking advantage of.

Product Page

Don’t underestimate the power of embedding your video straight onto a product’s description page. While this certainly shouldn’t be the only place your video gets seen, including product videos on a shop page is a fantastic way to hook viewers in. Alongside building credibility and understanding of the product and your business, you get to give customers an inside look that makes them more inclined to buy the product. ComScore found that users are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.